Will A Dental Plan Pay For Your Root Canal?

20 July 2018
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If you have a root canal treatment coming up, then you are probably wondering whether your dental plan will pay for it or not. Well, dental insurance may or may not pay for your root canal treatment depending on the specifics of your case. For example, it may pay for the treatment if: You Have Not Exceeded the Maximum Yearly Benefits Most medical plans limit the maximum claim you can make per year. Read More 

Preventing And Dealing With Toothaches

21 June 2018
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Dealing with toothaches is something that most people find themselves doing at least once in their lives. This is why it's a good idea for you to make sure you are prepared for dealing with them. This way, you will know things you can do to prevent them from happening in the first place and also know what to do if you do find yourself suffering from one. Here are some things you want to keep in mind with regards to dealing with and even preventing toothaches: Read More 

Which Factors Determine The Time Between Implant Insertion And Final Restoration?

22 May 2018
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When you need a dental implant, your dentist will first insert the implant and wait for it to integrate with your jawbone and heal before making the final restoration. This period typically lasts a few months, but the following factors will determine exactly how long you have to wait for the final restoration. The Nature of Your Jawbone As previously mentioned, the waiting period is necessary to allow osseointegration, which partly depends on the quality and quantity of your jawbone. Read More 

3 Tips For Cosmetic Dental Care

18 April 2018
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When you are in need of some help to make your teeth look as beautiful as they can, it all begins with looking into cosmetic dentistry. Getting cosmetic dentistry will allow you to be sure that your teeth look wonderful and retain a healthy luster that you can appreciate. With this in mind, you should read on so that you can follow these tips and then find the help of a cosmetic dentist in your area that can look out for you. Read More 

Having A Dentist Visit Your Elementary School

17 March 2018
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Having a dentist visit your elementary school can be a great way to promote good oral health and help reduce the fear of visiting a dentist. Work with a family dentist in your area, and consider incorporating the following into the visit for a successful school assembly or classroom visit. Schedule Around A Holiday Holidays are typically filled with lots of sweet treats, from candy to desserts. Having a dentist visit around a holiday provides a great teaching moment for why candy and sweets should be eaten in moderation. Read More