How Professional Teeth Whitening Might Be Best For You

28 January 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Everyone wants to have the brightest smile they can get. While it is true that there are many different ways to whiten your teeth in your own home, you can still rely on a dental professional to make sure the job gets done right. While it may at first seem more inconvenient to have to leave your home when you can do it yourself at home, there are a few things you can only get from a professional. Such as...

Better Results

While over-the-counter whitening products are fine in their own right, it is generally recommended that you at least begin in a dental office. This is because the whitening agents that a professional uses are a lot stronger than anything you can buy yourself. Typically, a professional treatment is best at affecting your frontmost teeth. In fact, you'll experience a noticeable change in your tooth color after the first treatment! So you'll experience that confidence boost sooner, and then you can move to over-the-counter treatment on your own time.

Professionals Get The Job Done Right

Another benefit of getting started with in-office treatments is that you don't have to worry about botching the procedure on your own. A professional will have tons of experience ensuring that there are less chances of having any unpleasant side-effects. This means you will also generally see your results faster, since a job well done will show nicely, especially with such a delicate cosmetic procedure. Also, a professional can help determine if teeth whitening is for you in the first place, as there might be underlying problems causing your tooth discoloration Even if there is some underlying cause, your professional can then steer you toward a proper form of treatment.

Prescriptions That You Can Take Home

Not only can you get treatment done in office, but a dentist can also prescribe to you prescription strength whitening solution that is custom tailored to your own needs. In this process generally your dentist will make a cast of your teeth and give you access to the same strength gel as used in a dentist office. This allows you to get the same results as you would in a treatment visit, without having to take the time out of your busy schedule to go to the dentist.

So while it may be tempting to reach for that over-the-counter solution, if you want better, faster results for your teeth, seeing a dental professional may be right for you. After all, you just want to have a brighter, confident smile and you deserve it. For more information, talk to an experienced dentist