Research Reveals Better Ways To Care For Teeth And Avoid Extractions

8 September 2016
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Shock waves traveled through the dental profession when new research revealed that flossing may not be able to reduce plaque to the degree previously believed. For decades, a combination of brushing and flossing was advised as the traditional  two-step approach suggested keep periodontal disease at bay. Scientific evidence now shows flossing could be utterly overrated—if not useless—as a reliable means of preventing cavities, gum disease, and tooth extractions. Based on the new evidence, some may assume brushing alone is fine, but this is also a mistaken belief. The new evidence should prod people to take extra and more careful steps to keep both the teeth and gums in healthy condition.

A Toothbrush Has Limitations

Brushing one's teeth a minimum of twice a day and, preferably, after each meal is going to work wonders for keeping food particles that contribute to bacteria and plaque from remaining in the mouth. Unfortunately, no matter how often someone brushes, frequency never overcomes the limitations of the traditional toothbrush. The design of a toothbrush does not allow for cleaning between teeth, which is where gum disease starts. If flossing won't pick up the slack of a toothbrush's limited capabilities, then extra steps for dental care are necessary. Otherwise, serious dental problems manifest. And these problems may reach the point teeth extractions are unavoidable.

To decrease the chances of major dental problems:

  • Use a Water Pick

Perhaps the bad news regarding dental floss is good news in disguise. Based on new information, people can switch over to something more effective. Water picks are reliable alternative to dental floss and they have been proven to be much more efficient than flossing as a means of cleaning out between the teeth. Switching over to the new—and better—means of cleaning between the teeth reduces the chances of bacteria remaining to harm the gums.

  • Switch to an Electric Toothbrush

Just because the tried-and-true toothbrush received positive attention does not mean it cannot be upgraded either.  An electric toothbrush generates more cleaning power to the surface of the teeth than a standard toothbrush could is capable. Getting rid of the bacteria and plaque from the surface of the teeth keeps it from spreading to harder-to-reach sections between them.

  • Buy the Most Powerful Mouthwash

There are mouthwashes on the market that are as close as possible to antibiotic liquids and do not require a prescription. Such powerful mouthwashes not only reach in between the teeth, they are powerful enough to more completely kill bacteria, reverse gingivitis, and curtail the potential for disastrous periodontal disease.

If you have more questions, go to websites that provide useful information about tooth extractions and how to care for your dental health.