Tips For Anyone Getting Braces For The First Time

22 December 2017
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Planning to get braces put on to correct your misaligned teeth? If so, it can be quite an adjustment when learning how to deal with braces every single day. Here are some tips for new braces wearers to make the transition easy.

Tip for Dealing with the Pain

It is likely that you'll experience a fair amount of discomfort right after the braces have been put on. You should prepare yourself for it by taking a pain reliever preemptively over those first couple days. It will also help to use a salt water rinse to help alleviate any discomfort as well. The pain will not be strong enough to require a prescription medication, but it is a normal part of having braces.

Tips for Eating

You will be able to eat normal foods after you have your braces installed, but there will be an adjustment period. You will find yourself taking a bit longer when it comes to chewing during that initial adjustment period. You might want to stick to soft foods that will be easier on your teeth while you acclimate to wearing the braces. Your dentist will also provide you with a list of foods you should avoid, which include chewing gum.

Tips for Using Wax

A great tip for first time braces wearers is to use dental wax. It is a substance that is placed on the brackets that stick out from your teeth, and protect the inside of your mouth from cuts and irritation. Wax isn't something that needs to be used every single day, but it recommended during those initial few days.

Believe it or not, but your mouth will get used to the feel of braces and start to toughen up. Scrapes against the metal that typically form small cuts will eventually not be a problem.

Tips For Oral Hygiene

It is important that you continue to brush and floss every single day. Not doing so can cause discoloration to happen around the brackets, leaving a white spot on your teeth when the brackets are eventually removed. You can use a floss threader to get the floss underneath the wires, allowing you to floss in that hard to reach area. A water flosser is also an option if you find that the floss threader is becoming an annoyance to use.

Speak to your dentist about more tips when wearing braces for the very first time.