Three Reasons Why You Should Take Kids To A Kids' Dentist

24 September 2019
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Dentists are typically willing to see patients of all ages. Most dentists recommend that the first visit to a dental office start around age two, when a toddler is finally allowed to brush with toothpaste that has fluoride in it. You might consult a dentist sooner if you notice something that is very wrong with your child's teeth, but two is typically the rule of thumb. Additionally, you can take your children to see any dentist, but a kids' dentist is more ideal. Here are three reasons why. 

A Pediatric Dentist Chose to Work with Children

Just as all adults are not keen to be around kids, not all dentists are keen on the idea of tiny, wiggly patients. Most dentists you meet are quite professional, regardless of their personal feelings about treating kids' teeth, but would you not want a dentist that actually wants to treat kids? It would be the same as hiring a babysitter that does not like children versus hiring one that does. You would prefer the one that prefers to work with kids. The same holds true for dentists. A pediatric dentist chose to work with kids, and it really does make a difference in how your kids respond to all future dental checkups.

Kids' Dental Offices Create an Inviting Place for Kids to Be Kids

A lot of dental offices are just not geared toward kids. There might be a corner where kids can read books or play with blocks but that is usually it. In a pediatric dental office, you may spot bean bag chairs, racks of books, several toys mounted to the wall and available for play on the floor, and sometimes there is even climbing equipment with a sturdy wooden slide. This inviting space helps kids feel more relaxed about an unknown environment and what lies ahead. It also gives them something to get excited about and look forward to on future dental visits, and any positive emotions attached to visiting a dentist sets the groundwork for good oral hygiene. 

Dentists That Work with Kids Are Extremely Patient with Their Little Patients

As a parent, you already know that kids can be trying at times. If you have any children with special needs, they can be even more challenging. A pediatric dentist is someone who regularly works with all children and therefore is a very patient sort of person working with little patients. 

If it's time for your child to start visiting a dentist, consider taking them to a kids' dentist