The Future Of Dentistry: How Same Day Crowns Are Changing The Game

13 March 2023
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In the past, the process of getting a dental crown was a lengthy and often uncomfortable ordeal. Patients would need to undergo multiple appointments, take dental impressions, and wait for their crown to be manufactured in a dental laboratory. However, with the advancement of technology, same-day crowns have revolutionized the dental industry, making the process faster, more comfortable, and more convenient for patients. If you've been curious lately about same-day dental crowns, here's what you need to know: Read More 

5 Tips For Adjusting To New Braces

31 January 2023
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Are you or a family member getting braces for the very first time, and you're worried about the adjustment period? Here are a few tips that you should know to help get used to wearing them. Cover The Brackets With Wax  One part of the braces that are going to feel a bit uncomfortable is the metal brackets. This is because they stick off the surface of your teeth and rub against your cheeks. Read More