Can't Afford The Dentist? Try These Ways To Make It More Affordable

10 February 2015
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


Having routine dental checkups is important in keeping your teeth healthy. Unfortunately, some people may not be able to afford this semi annual visit. If you are on a budget, try getting your dental care discounted in the following ways.

Get Dental Insurance

If the only thing you go to the dentist for is your regular cleaning, then chances are you will not break even on the yearly premium you pay for dental insurance. If you do need a roof canal, cavity filled, or any major dental work done, then dental insurance can be a lifesaver for your wallet. Do not make the mistake of assuming dental insurance will be too expensive. Look into it, and decide if it will work best for your budget.

Visit A Dental School

If you do need to have a major dental procedure done and do not have insurance, visiting a local dentist can be expensive. Consider visiting a dental school to have the procedure done instead. You will often be able to get the procedure done at a deep discount, or even completely free.

Dental schools help provide the training and experience for future dentists before they graduate. On top of the savings you receive, you will be helping out a student by giving them hands on experience.

Visit A Dental Clinic

Your community may occasionally offer a dental clinic, where local dentists give back to their community by offering free dental care. The wait might be long, but you can get basic services for free, such as cleanings or cavity filling.

The best place to check is the public health department section of your city's website, as they will list all the health services they offer for the community.

Use A Dental Coupon

Many dentists are looking for ways to bring in new clients, and a popular method to do that is by offering coupons. Daily coupon sites often have discounts on basic cleaning services for new customers. You can easily save 50% on your exam, x-ray, and cleaning by visiting a new dentist.  Just make sure to use the coupon before it expires.

Ask For A Payment Plan

If you cannot afford to pay the full amount immediately, ask if there are payment plan options to pay for the visit over the next 6 months. A dentist may offer an interest free payment plan, which would be cheaper than putting it on a credit card.

By following these tips, it will help make your dental visit more affordable.