A Creative Way To Get Your Child In The Dental Chair

22 September 2015
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If you have a school aged child who's scared of going in for their dental appointment, you want to get them in the chair without much stress. One creative way you can help your child to forget about their dental fears is to help the focus on something else. You can help your child to put together a children's book for other kid's. You can explain to your child that the goal of this book will be to help other children with their fears. However, it will actually be helping your child at the same time.

Explain the book to your child

Let your child know that there is no reason for them to be scared of the dentist and you bet there are other kids who feel the same way they do. Ask your child how they would like to help those other kid's to get over their fears. When your child agrees, you can start helping them to plan the book.

Gather the supplies the two of you will need

  • Printing paper
  • A piece of construction paper
  • A hole punch
  • Yarn
  • Colored pencils and crayons

Performing research for the book

Explain to your child that the first part of writing the book is to do research. The two of you can get online and look up information on dental exams. It may be a good idea for you to bookmark some kid-friendly pages ahead of time so you don't accidentally stumble on a scary one in front of them.

Have your child take notes on dental tools commonly used in routine exams, what the dentist will be looking for and anything else about first exams that they have learned.

You can have your child talk to family members about their experience at the dentist as well. You do want to make sure they are only talking to family members who have had positive experiences. Hearing a horror story at this point can derail your efforts.

Write the book

Now that your child has done their research, they can put the book together. They can write down what someone reading the book should expect at their routine exam and draw pictures for visual effect. Help your child put the book together. Use the construction paper as the cover. Once the papers are in place, use the hole punch to make holes on the left side and tie yarn through the holes to secure the pages in place.

This book will be fun for the two of you to put together and your child will get past their fears of the dentist at the same time. For assistance, talk to a dentist like Alegre Dental and Braces.