3 Temporary Toothache Treatments

4 November 2015
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If you are experiencing a recurring toothache, it is important for you to visit your dentist as soon as you can to get it treated. However, sometimes it can take a while to schedule a visit with your dentist. To help ease your pain and get you through the time period before your dentist appointment, give one (or more) of the three temporary toothache treatments listed below. As a bonus, they're all natural.

1. Garlic and Cabbage Treatments

Oddly enough, garlic does more than make your food taste delicious. Garlic and cabbage have both proven to draw out infection and ease pain and swelling. To use these foods to treat your toothache, place a small piece of garlic or cabbage between the troublesome tooth and your cheek, and hold it there as long as you can handle the taste. You can also mash garlic into a paste and place it on the tooth so that it sticks. Tip: the garlic treatment is effective, but don't give it a try right before you have to leave for work or another event; give yourself plenty of time to freshen your breath!

2. Numb with Heat and Herbs

As with the garlic and cabbage treatments, many toothache remedies can be found right in your kitchen. To numb the pain from a toothache, brew some tea and place the warm tea bag against the tooth. The tannins in tea will numb the nerves. Another natural way to numb your tooth is with cloves; clove oil is the best option, but you can also use powdered cloves or a whole clove for the same numbing benefits.

3. Give Acupressure a Try

To release endorphins and ease pain, try this acupressure technique: for two minutes, use your thumb to hold pressure on the back of your hand at the place where your thumb and index finger meet. There are also pressure points on the bottoms of the cheekbones and along the jaw that help to relieve tooth pain. Many people experience fast, natural relief with this method, as it relaxes the muscles and increases circulation to the affected area.

If you're experiencing a toothache and need some fast relief, give one of the natural, temporary treatment methods listed above a try to draw out infection or numb the pain until you can schedule an appointment with your dentist and receive a permanent treatment. You'll be smiling again in no time! To find out more, speak to someone like Centre Family Dentistry.