2 Natural Remedies to Help You Fight Tooth Loss and Decay

2 November 2016
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Bad breath that accompanies not brushing your teeth daily is a sign of something more serious in your mouth's health. Bad oral health can cause tooth and bone loss and periodontal disease as bacteria and plaque form in your mouth and on your teeth. Before you lose your teeth and are in need of dental implants to correct your tooth loss, here are two natural remedies to help fight tooth decay and tooth loss.

Clove and Its Oils

Clove is a natural ingredient that is used by dental professionals for treating oral infections and pain, and it is something you can use yourself at home. Clove has naturally occurring antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-alleviation properties. If you have a tooth infection or cavity, you can use cloves to help treat it and also prevent the cavity from spreading. 

To use clove in your oral-hygiene treatment to treat a cavity, drip a couple drops of clove oil onto a cotton swab and apply it onto your infected or decaying tooth each night before you go to bed. Then, during the day, you can chew on a whole clove to allow the clove's oils to saturate the interior of your mouth and the affected tooth or teeth. After you have chewed on the clove, place and leave the clove under your tongue for several minutes.

Neem Tree Stems and Its Oil

The neem tree provides many healing properties, including antibacterial protection found in its stem. By chewing on parts of the neem tree's stem, you can help treat and heal any tooth decay and help fight any tooth infection and reduce gingivitis. Neem sticks can be found available online and in some herbal health stores to purchase for your personal use. 

Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree's fruit, can help fight oral decay and infection, and is also found online and in herbal health stores. Add a few drops onto your toothbrush before you brush your teeth each day. You can also rub some neem oil onto your dental floss before flossing your teeth with it. This technique pushes the neem oil down into the crevices between your teeth and around your gum line.

Neem oil also comes in the form of a pre-mixed toothpaste, a mouthwash, and even capsules you can take daily to help improve your oral health. And an added benefit of using neem oil with your oral hygiene can result in the natural whitening of your teeth.

Use this information along with regular dental visits to help you treat and prevent tooth decay and tooth loss.