Have Pain In Your Tooth And Jaw? How To React

27 February 2017
 Categories: Dentist, Blog


If you have a toothache and the pain goes down into your jaw, there are some things you have to do right away for your own safety. The area may be infected, and you may need a root canal or worse, the tooth could have to be extracted. You don't want this to be something that affects the other teeth in your mouth, or something that sends you to the hospital. Here are some of the things that you want to do so you can get the problem addressed appropriately.

Check Your Temperature

The area may feel hot to the touch, but you have to look further. You want to check your body temperature to see if you have an infection in the body. If you have an infection where you have pain, you have to get this treated right away. A fever can indicate that there is an abscess in the mouth that has to be treated.

Get an Antibiotic

If you have a fever you have to go to the dentist so they can get you on an antibiotic to treat the infection. If the dentist doesn't think that an oral antibiotic will be enough, and that your health could be in danger, you may be required to go to the hospital and get an intravenous antibiotic. Not only could ignoring the infection force you to lose the tooth, but it could also cause you to lose your life.

Ice the Area

Until you are able to get to the dentist or to be treated, put ice on the area to help reduce the swelling and to help with pain. Icing may be able to reduce some of the inflammation that is causing discomfort, and it can help to numb the area if you end up having an emergency oral extraction.

Pain in the jaw indicates that the infection is down to the gum line or even the bone, and you should expect to need a root canal after you have taken the oral antibiotic and the infection has been killed. They will then drill out the rotted area, and remove the decayed or dead root of the tooth and impact it. If the dentist thinks that your tooth needs to be extracted entirely, you'll have to look into tooth replacement potions like a bridge or synthetic implants. Don't ignore your pain, follow these steps and get the help you need from someone like George J Mendel DMD.