Dental Treatments To Improve The Look Of Your Teeth In Less Than A Year

10 September 2018
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If you would like to change the appearance of your teeth in less than a year, there are multiple dental treatments that you can use to accomplish your goal. Here are a few of them.


If you suffer from moderately crooked teeth, the Invisalign system may be a suitable option for you. Invisalign is a specialized dental treatment that helps to reposition the teeth to achieve a straighter alignment. Unlike a treatment with conventional braces, the alignment process with Invisalign is often complete in 12 months or less. 

Invisalign straightens the teeth using aligning trays that are made of clear plastic.The trays fit securely over the teeth and are difficult to discern in the mouth. Thus, the alignment correction is accomplished discreetly.

A number of sets of aligners are used throughout the Invisalign treatment process. Each set is used for a couple of weeks and then replaced by the next set in the treatment plan. Each subsequent set of aligners leaves the teeth a bit straighter. By the time that the final set has been worn for the prescribed period, the configuration of the teeth should have reached the desired level of alignment.

Teeth-whitening Products

Teeth-whitening products can be used to brighten the color of yellowed teeth. The products chemically whiten the teeth by bleaching away unwanted stains from the tooth enamel. 

The teeth become progressively stained as they are exposed to the pigments within the substances that are placed in the mouth. Foods and drinks that are deeply colored can cause significant dental discoloration over time as pigment particles lodge in the pores of the teeth. 

Teeth-whitening products can be purchased at local stores for at-home use, or they may be offered and applied at a dental office. Products that are designed for consumer use tend to take longer to achieve the desired level of whiteness. However, they are usually used for no longer than a few months. 

Professional whitening works faster. A special light is used to intensify the effects of the dental treatment. You may even notice a significant difference in the whiteness of your teeth after your first professional whitening session. 

Once your teeth have reached their whitest shade, you can maintain the whiteness by limiting your consumption of dark substances, using a whitening toothpaste, and rinsing regularly with a whitening mouth rinse. 

To learn more about dental treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your local area such as Jacob L. Revercomb DMD.