Orthodontic Appliances For Bite Problems

30 November 2020
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A straight dental configuration can help the teeth look more attractive and function better. A misalignment can prevent the teeth of the upper and lower palates from meeting correctly for proper mastication.

The condition that occurs when the side teeth of the upper and lower palates do not meet when the mouth is closed is called a crossbite. Other bite problems, such as an underbite or overbite, are associated with the failure of the upper and bottom front teeth to meet when the mouth is closed.

To help correct a bite problem, the orthodontist may prescribe several appliances. Here are a few of them. 


Used to aid in the correction of overbites, the forsus is a device that helps to move the lower jaw forward. The appliance is attached to the brackets of your braces and includes a spring that pulls the lower jaw forward to match the positioning of the upper palate.  

Herbst Device

Some overbite problems are too severe to be corrected using the forsus appliance. An Herbst device is applied as a less invasive option when surgery is the only alternative. 

The device helps stimulate the production of jawbone cells in the lower jaw, inciting growth. As the jaw grows to meet the placement of the upper palate, the bite issue is corrected. 

The device includes metal caps. Each cap is placed on corresponding molars of the upper and lower jaws. The caps are connected by a lever that allows the mouth to open and close while pulling the lower jaw forward. Additionally, an expander borders the lingual side of the lower teeth. 

The appliance can be used with or without braces in place. 

Carriere Distalizer

This distalizer helps to pull the upper teeth backward to correct an overbite. The device is usually used before the placement of braces. 

The use of a Carriere Distalizer can help patients avoid the extraction of permanent teeth that may have presented in a crooked configuration.

Reverse Pull Mask

The orthodontic provider may suggest a reverse pull mask for youngsters who suffer from underbites. The device helps coax the upper jaw into a forward position. If the jaw does not eventually attain a more forward position, surgical intervention may be necessary as the child reaches their teen years.

If you suffer from a bite problem and are seeking a remedy, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in your local area. 

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