Children's Dentistry: Should Your Child Get Pediatric Crowns?

22 September 2021
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Are you considering putting crowns on your child's teeth? 42% of children have a tooth cavity. Additionally, they are prone to minor accidents while playing. These accidents could chip a tooth, which can be rectified by crowning. 

Baby teeth fall out eventually, which discourages parents from getting teeth crowns for their little ones. However, your child may need the crowns.

When to Get Dental Crowns for Baby 

Baby teeth are essential since they serve as space holders before permanent teeth. Therefore, they act as a guide for permanent teeth and ensure they grow in the right space. If your baby has damaged teeth, getting dental crowns is essential as they offer the additional teeth support needed. They also offer excellent reinforcement for baby teeth before the permanent set.

Pediatric Crown Options for Baby Teeth

There are different pediatric crown options available for your child's teeth. They are mainly categorized depending on the material making the crown. They include the following:

Stainless Steel

It's the best option when looking to crown a molar. Steel is durable, and molars undergo high amounts of pressure during chewing. Furthermore, steel is an alloy of different metals, and thus, it prevents corrosion which can be caused over time by saliva. 

They are an excellent alternative for molars because, unlike front teeth, molars lack a natural color. They are affordable, retentive, adaptable to occlusion, and very easy to contour. The crowns take less time to install and are insensitive to moisture, making them a good fit.

Zirconia Ceramic

It is ideal for all teeth—front and back. Zirconia is a suitable choice if you purely need aesthetic benefits because it is extra white and durable. However, it is slightly expensive as it doesn't adjust or bend. Thus, you enjoy excellent aesthetics and exceptional durability. Compared to stainless steel, they take longer to install.

Composite Strip

It is a common crowning option for front teeth because the composite strip is made of clear plastic. The crown mimics the natural color and shape of the baby's front teeth and makes a perfect blend.

While the crowns' plastic material is ideal for aesthetic restoration, the crowns are highly susceptible to fracture. Composite strips are sensitive to both moisture and hemorrhage. 

Children, too, can get dental crowns. However, their crowns are pediatric and different from adult dental crowns. Choose any of the three types of pediatric crowns for your child depending on your budget, tooth location, and dentist's recommendation. Contact a local dentist to get started.