Braces Vs. Veneers: Three Benefits Only Braces Can Provide You With

10 December 2021
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When it comes to having crooked teeth, there are now several options out there that can improve your smile. Dental veneers, for example, are a popular cosmetic application that can make your teeth look straight and even quickly. However, they don't actually straighten your teeth. If you're wondering if you should skip braces and go to veneers, here are three good reasons why braces will always be the superior choice.


When people think about their appearance and braces, they're mostly thinking about their teeth. But braces can also play a role in how your jaw looks.

When you have an underbite or overbite, it changes the shape of your face and jaw. This can make you look like you have too prominent a chin or not enough of one, depending on what type of bite you have. Unfortunately, there's nothing that dental veneers can do about this. So even if you get your teeth treated with veneers, your jaw may still be a dead giveaway that your bite isn't normal.


Do you snore? If you do, it might surprise you to learn that this could have something to do with your crooked teeth. Once again, the jaw is at play here.

When people have crooked teeth, underbites, or overbites, sometimes snoring or even sleep apnea can occur. This is because if the lower jaw isn't extended enough, or if your teeth settle together in an awkward position, it can cause your tongue to sag backward in your mouth, making it harder to get air into your windpipe. Dental veneers can't do anything to help this problem, but braces can, by adjusting the position of your jaw and making sure that your upper and lower teeth meet properly.

Even Wear and Tear

Finally, another problem that many people with crooked teeth face is abnormal wear and tear on their teeth. When teeth are evenly aligned and straight, each tooth absorbs a set amount of pressure, with it evenly distributed across all of them. This helps to keep wear and tear to a minimum, ensuring that each tooth is healthy. However, with crooked teeth, one or more teeth may stand above the rest, due to others tilting or leaning. These teeth end up taking more pressure than their neighbors and can get worn down as a result. In addition to having an impact on your appearance, this can ultimately increase the risk of serious tooth damage, enamel loss, and even dental decay if the damage isn't treated early enough.

Once again, veneers can't help here. While they can help to make your teeth look better if you've already undergone damage, they won't be able to protect them from it getting worse. Braces, on the other hand, will even out your teeth and make sure that each is absorbing the same amount of pressure again.

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