Health Benefits Of Dental Bridges

28 January 2022
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Having gaps between your teeth can lead to chewing and speech problems. Besides, you may not smile confidently since the gaps show when you smile. Dental bridge treatment is an excellent solution for teeth gapping. Dental bridges usually consist of two dental crowns or abutment teeth located on the sides of the gap. The crowns support the bridge, and false teeth (pontics) lie between these crowns. The pontics get support from dental implants or your natural teeth. While a dental bridge improves your teeth' functionality, smile, and self-confidence, they also have a positive impact on your health. Here are the benefits of dental bridge installation.

Preserves Your Oral Health

Gaps between your teeth can encourage food particles or plaque to accumulate in the gap over time. These food particles promote the growth of bacteria that may infect your teeth, resulting in severe diseases such as gingivitis. Teeth infections may cause bad breath, excruciating pain, and tooth loss. Also, treating these infections can be costly. Dental bridges fill the gaps in your teeth, preventing food accumulation inside the tooth socket. This prevents tooth infections.

Prevents Jawbone Deterioration

Tooth roots usually stimulate the jawbone to generate new bone cells, keeping the jawbone healthy. After tooth loss due to extraction, accidents, or infection, the jawbone lacks stimulation and begins deteriorating. A weak jawline can cause further tooth loss or facial collapse. This can make you look older. Like natural teeth, dental bridges activate the jawbone encouraging the healthy growth of new cells. This rejuvenates the jawbone, preventing further tooth loss and keeping your facial muscles intact.

Enables You to Maintain a Healthy Balanced Diet

The loss of natural teeth may cause pain or discomfort when biting or chewing. In return, you may refrain from hard foods like nuts, which are a rich source of proteins. Fortunately, dental bridges fill the gaps restoring your teeth' functionality. Thus, you can feed on different foods that make up a healthy diet. Generally, feeding on a healthy diet ensures a constant supply of the required nutrients for healthy body development.

Prevents Teeth Misalignment

Tooth loss leaves a blank space inside your mouth. The adjacent teeth' roots may begin growing towards the gap, resulting in teeth misalignment. This may lead to different conditions such as an overbite or underbite that require orthodontic treatment. Tooth replacement solutions like dental bridges fill the gaps, preventing the growth of other natural teeth in the wrong direction.

Dental bridges prevent jawbone deterioration and teeth misalignment. Also, the bridges help you maintain a healthy balanced diet and preserve your oral health. Consider dental bridge installation to enjoy these health benefits.